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Welcome to this Journal about our Dad, Louis McKelvey White

- this is the journal of his heritage and of his time during WW2, as one of the famous "12 Mile Snipers".

Louis White is standing (hands on hips)

The 8th Belfast Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Supplementary Reserve, Royal Artillery

"We are the boys of the Eighth Belfast
Who fought with you side by side
Gun-team to Gun-team, the dye was cast
Fought til' we damn near died.
Who so ready to fight for right
Who so loyal and true?
Sure we are the boys who show'd our might
We are the boys you knew."

(A verse from the Regimental Song - "The Eighth Belfast")


Hi, I'm Jeff, Louis's youngest son

and I will be telling you everything, that I have managed to glean from websites, books, newspapers and also from my elder brother Mike (Michael McKelvey White), about our Dad, Louis, and his war years with the 'Ulster Gunners'.

Because Dad never talked much about his personal 'war' or left any form of a diary, when he died, I have tried to write this Journal, using a mass of information from more websites and other sources than I ever realised existed! Literally thousands!

I must emphasise here that the information gathered is based on extracts from many sources including those from 'witness' individuals. Where I have found that statements of fact conflict I have done my best to ascertain, what I believe to be, the closest to the intent of that 'fact'. There will be errors, mistakes and downright incorrect assumptions. Forgive me for these and any other misdemeanours! If you would like to correct me please do so. I would welcome your input.

Inevitably the project has grown to include several other aspects of the war in Burma, which I felt were worthy of inclusion. Forgive my indulgence!

Hopefully, the end product is readable, enjoyable, but most of all, will be an educational source on World War 2 for everyone, especially teachers and students of this sometimes forgotten, but a crucially important moment, in our history.

One of my main aims for this 'Journal', other than a record of our Dad's exploits during WW2, is to encourage our children to learn about the history of this part of World War 2 and about those individuals, who all played such an important role in this World War. Through this knowledge perhaps they may eventually come to commemorate those who fought and died, by understanding, to some degree, the debt that they owe to their forebears.

Freedom, throughout the world, has never come free - someone, somewhere, has paid a price for that freedom. To fight for something that you truly believe in, to protect your loved ones, to value and guard your right to freedom - are those fundamental but critical facets of our very being, which our children must fully understand and appreciate if they are to learn anything from this pivotal part of our history.

Through gaining a small but significant insight from the inspiration that can be derived from these Veteran's stories, hopefully, our children and their children, of our future generations, will become aware of the sacrifices and of the contributions these brave souls made to our security and freedom, including the way of life we enjoy today.

"A Nation That Forgets its Past - Has No Future"    Winston Churchill


Let us and our children, never, ever, forget them

Thank you for taking the time to read this Journal and if our Dad's story has inspired you to a greater understanding, then we have achieved our aim. Please let us know your thoughts on our Guestbook Page.

Mike and Jeff White


  Jeff White        2016        Mike White 
(The proud sons of Louis White)

(...somewhere in Italy!!)






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